A History of Endswell

 The iconic farmhouse at Endswell Farm on Bowen Island, British Columbia was built in 1909. The farm was once the family retreat of the Wilson family and the favoured writing place of the renowned author Ethel Wilson of Swamp Angel fame. 

Upon the passing of the Wilsons, the property was bequeathed to UBC as a place of respite and rejuvenation for artists and their families. A boy named Buck McIntosh was one of the fortunate children to have spent time on Bowen Island as family friends of the Wilsons. When UBC decided to divest themselves of the property, the McIntosh’s acquired this magnificent estate. It was Buck and Nicolette who developed the land into a working farm starting in the 1960s and Buck who named the farm Endswell — as it remains today. 

Sheep and horses have always been a large part of life at Endswell, as well as laying hens, donkeys, pigs and the occasional turkey or two. In recent years, a beautiful and productive organic market garden has been added to the farming operation. 

The property has now passed into the capable hands of a new family with deep roots on Bowen Island and the farming life continues. The opening of the lovely old farmhouse as a newly refurbished place of retreat on Bowen Island is one more chapter in the story that is Endswell. 


Bowen Island is easily accessed by boat or water taxi, or by the ferry from Horseshoe Bay Terminal in West Vancouver. Ferries run frequently for this route and have a short crossing time of 20 minutes. Once on the Island, Endswell Farm is conveniently located — only a 5 minute drive from Snug Cove, which is the location of the ferry terminal, grocery store, shops and numerous restaurants and cafes. Island hiking trails and beaches are also only a sort distance away from the farm.

Detailed driving instructions to the farmhouse will be provided upon booking.

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Just a short ferry ride from West Vancouver lies this magical place of superb natural beauty and agrarian peace and harmony that is Endswell Farm. Please join us for a remarkable stay at this idyllic retreat — for, as you know, Allswell at Endswell.

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